A Refreshing Boost to Child’s Literacy

Published on August 23, 2021

Language development is an integral part of a child’s personality development. It does more than supporting a child’s ability to communicate. Language development backs them to express and understand feelings, think and learn, solve problems, develop and maintain relationships, etc. Learning to understand, use and enjoy language is the early step in literacy and the basis for reading and writing. A plethora of research has been done on linking language development with a child’s literacy, all proven that these two elements are closely connected, sprouting early cognition processes in children. The link between the two is quite natural. Long before a child learns how to read words and recognize symbols, they establish the foundation for language and literacy development by discovering speech patterns and symbols meaning. Thus, successful language development is a vital part of later achievement in reading. However, many times, owing to different reasons, language skill delays in children leading to inefficient vocabularies causing them to fall far behind their peers. Therefore, proper exposure to a structured and age-appropriate instructional tool such as BOOKR Class during the formative years of language and literacy development helps bridge this achievement gap.

During the preschool years, young children are developing a sense of initiative and creativity. These naive souls are curious about the world around them and about learning. Although, digital technologies provide one more outlet for them to demonstrate their creativity and knowledge. Yet, it has also led kids to read less than ever. Reading evokes powerful emotions, magical creativity and critical thinking. It makes us human in our rapidly changing world of AI. The only way to make reading serve its true purpose is with BOOKR Class . Its stories like family make the kids love books even more. This English teaching app combines cutting-edge technology with research and gamification to create the ultimate experience to inspire children to read and learn more interactive animated books. Library apps, personalized reading plans, games, and exercises encourage children to fall in love with reading. 98% of the students loved reading with BOOKR Class. Students also improved by an average of 20% on reading comprehension exercises.

English has become the world’s widely used and commonly spoken language today. The need to learn English for kids has increased exponentially with this growth. Most countries have now embraced the English language as a common denominator in communication across many fields, from trade & finance to travel. This widespread use has defined it as one of the most influential languages globally. Parents prefer their children to have fluency in it, making them walk shoulder to shoulder in this fast-paced world. BOOKR Class is the ultimate English teaching tool that improves language learning with an easy-to-use gamified library application for students, coupled with a tailored admin system for the teachers. Kids’ favorite library section offers interactive book experiences for English learners from proficiency level pre-A1 to B1, from the youngest kids to teenagers. Through narrated literary classics, nursery rhymes and songs, children get familiar with the vocabulary and expressions related to everyday life. Furthermore, it establishes their reading, writing, listening and communicative skills. Thanks to educational games, exercises and quizzes, they can practice grammar and test their comprehension. Learning is not about the struggle but the approach. However, with the wrong approach, it often becomes a struggle. BOOKR approach offers effective and easy to use in-class, after school and in distance learning. This proven researched methodology with fascinating illustrations, animations, educational games and linguistic exercises in a focused, fun and entertaining way benefit children reach their full potential. Curious to know what’s more in the package? Worry no more. Book a demo and learn everything about the BOOKR Class. Call on 045754647 to speak with our educational specialist or visit www.leaderedutech.com for more information.