Anatomy Education

Bring the proven learning benefits of 3D anatomy to your institution today.

We offer tailored licensing of our anatomy platform for high schools, colleges, universities, medical schools, graduate programs, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

By broadening the typical learning environment beyond the classroom, immersive technology can elevate young minds in a way that education has never done before.

Curriculum Manager

Create Courses

On top of the standard atlas material, Educators get access to an additional 2,500 high-quality, interactive learning resources; these are the building blocks from which Courses on topics such as ultrasound and clinical correlates are assembled. Feeling creative? Educators can also use the in-app toolset to create their own resources from scratch.


Track your students’ progress on quizzes and digital attendance at lectures, then intervene at the right time.

Beating Heart

Give your students a deeper understanding of the cardiac cycle with a realtime beating heart.