Stem & Robotics

Today’s world revolves around technology. STEAM education is becoming increasingly essential as technology plays a larger part in our lives. Robotics is one of the most valuable resources available to STEAM teachers. Many STEAM ideas are best illustrated by robots, which are some of the most well-known real-world examples. They’ve had such an impact on […]

<strong>Learn the critical decision skills with business simulation games</strong>

Simulation games are created with real-world scenarios in mind. The goal of creating such games is to simulate real-life activities, train, or analyze any given environment. The goal of a simulation game is to take real-world problems from many professional fields, create models that depict diverse scenarios, and allow students to put their talents to […]

Build up with strawbees and untie the scientist in you!!

Strawbees is the glue that holds many materials and technologies together. At Strawbees they believe incombining the physical and digital worlds. They help students realize their full potential and adapt toany educational style, goal, or budget. Strawbees energizes the communities and form excitingcollaborations. This way they have created a link between today and tomorrow.Strawbees unite […]

STEAM Education – An enlightening mist.

STEAM approach empowers students to be curious learners who seek creative solutions to real-world problems; this helps them develop the soft and hard skills necessary to succeed in college, their careers, and wherever else life takes them.

Is Technology a Boon or Curse for Education?

Our experience with technology is always a bitter-sweet one. We humans relish its presence in our lives, but we dread the effect it may have on our manners, attitudes and social interactions. We open the gates of our schools to all types of technological tools, yet we fear it may badly impact students’ performance.

This article debates on how technology has affected education.

Panorama of Examination and Its Conduction in The Recent Times

Examination: A boon or a bane?

Exams contribute to lifelong credibility. The performance in examinations contributes to merit, lifelong credibility, wider global acceptability for admissions, scholarships, awards, placements, and better future prospects. However, various challenges have sprouted in the way of its conduction in recent times, which puts a big question mark on the integrity of its method that further dents the university’s ethical responsibility.

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