Early Child Education Solutions

In the early years of personality development, the primary way of a child’s learning and growth is through creative means that sprouts the zeal of adaptation and exploration in their lives. It is a crucial stage as the child first learns how to come out of their cocoon, interact with the surroundings and developing the interests that will stay with them throughout their lives. With expert consultation and collaboration, Leader Edutech holds the command in offering well researched Early Child Education Solution designed to infuse holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical, building a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Synergistic Learning Solution:

Young children develop a sense of initiative and creativity from a very tender age. They express their ideas and practices through various media means such as colors, movements, singing, etc. Digital technologies are one of those tools that be an outlet for them to demonstrate their creativity and learning now. Leader Edutech has developed one such learning program called Synergistic Learning Solution that is loaded with a variety of developmentally appropriate interactive media experiences intended to enhance the inbuilt skills of a child, paving the way for meaningful growth. The learning solution would include everything from using traditional mouse and keyboard computers to incorporating assistive technologies for children with developmental delays. Since the generation is technology-driven and the future is AI, the solution will also focus on digital storytelling with children equipping them to co-create their own digital books filled with creativity and fun that caters to the networking of early cognition processes.

Curriculay solution

The best way to get the medicine inside a child is with the smell of candies to it. The exact same approach is adopted in the Curriculay solution with a learn-through-play technique imparting a fine blend of summative assessment of essential subjects’ concepts with a playful, proven effective design to help learnings go much deeper in stretch and skills. Defying conventional learning models, the Curriculay solution from Leader Edutech will also emphasize problem-based learning through innovative play-based solutions to real-world problems from an early age. The science behind effective learning is through meaningful play that aid in key skills development such as inquiry, expression, experimentation and teamwork. Hence the personality evolves spontaneously in Curriculay solution by not confining the child’s freedom wings to a script to follow.

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