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Anatomage Table Alpha: An Interactive Anatomy Learning Tool

Anatomage Table Alpha is  one of  the most innovative anatomy learning solutions for advanced high school anatomy and biology education. Stemming from the world renowned Anatomage Table, the Alpha offers the same interactive dissection experience to explore real human and animal anatomy, now at a budget-friendly price.

Interactive Anatomy Learning

Table Alpha features full high-resolution 3D animal and real human anatomy learning cases that can be interacted via touch. By utilizing a touch interactive screen and sophisticated 3D anatomy visualization software, students can rotate the virtual body and cut in any direction. With the intuitive touch-interface, users can simply and accurately interact with Table Alpha.

  • Interactive display system in a comfortable form factor
  • High-resolution 3D animal and cadaver cases
  • Medical school level lab experience
  • Tailored to the 21st century classroom

Real Human and Animal Anatomy Learning Cases

Table Alpha comes with full body male and female gross anatomy at 0.8mm resolution. The images are from non-chemically treated cadavers with color and shape preserved. With over a dozen animal scans included in the Digital Library on Table Alpha, users can also dissect and teach a variety of animal cases. With all these cases, teaching animal anatomy or comparative anatomy becomes simple.

  • Male & female gross anatomy at 0.8mm resolution
  • 2,300+ annotated structures for male & female cadaver
  • 12+ animal scans in the Digital Library
  • Color and shape preserved, non-chemically treated cadavers

Virtual Dissection Tool For Anatomy Education

The Freehand Dissection Tool enables users to make incisions in any way or shape anywhere on the cadaver and remove structures layer-by-layer, and structure-by-structure. Instructors can simulate surgical cuts and provide a more dynamic teaching environment. Identify and isolate specific structures from an intuitive categorized list of systems, making Table Alpha a valuable anatomy learning solution.

  • Simulate surgical cuts & identify specific structures
  • Drive student engagement and success
  • Supplement animal dissection with virtual dissection
  • Affordable leasing options available