Panorama of Examination and Its Conduction in The Recent Times

Published on August 23, 2021

One of the meaningful ways to lead a life is having a good education as it imparts the knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It enriches us to develops a perspective to look at life where we have opinions and points of view on things by interpreting and analyzing them. The primary purpose of education is the integral development of a person and schools are the basic foundation of that which seeds true knowledge into a child. However, a detailed inspection or study is being done on the learned knowledge through examination, which measures students’ mastery over the content or the skills in a specific subject.

How crucial is this inspection? Does it benefit students at all?

A flood of questions rushes into our mind as soon as we hear the word ‘Exam.’ An exam is a significant factor in learning. Students learn the lesson of patience, discipline, and leadership through the exam. Although there is a whole contrary side to this system, it is an evergreen and hot-button issue for debate given its favorability, adaptability, and conduction in various universities and the nation’s education system. But it enables a student to understand their own skill through thinking, logical reasoning and decision-making capabilities. Nevertheless, the word EXAM does get many students to shrink as the mentality and notion around it are feeble without understanding the actual long-run importance of the concept.

However, as of mid-March last year, the sudden quarantine impositions and social distancing practices as an instant health measure disrupted various sectors and education was no exception. As a result, millions of university students’ education worldwide and significantly altered their operations, which saw the forced momentary transitions.

But the real question is the credibility of these modified formats. Are they at stake?

Indeed, there is a big question mark in the fairness of these timely modifications whose effects continue to reflect in the long run and are not timely. Of all the necessary alterations in the last year, the credibility of the way examination is being conducted compromised the most. One of the most challenging aspects of running remote exams is ensuring students are not using the internet or other resources that assist them in the process, which directly promotes malpractice. This has a ripple effect on just the students’ learnings, but the ethical responsibility of the universities is dented.

Since examinations continue to take place in modified format, what is the right approach?

Are there any solutions to test the credibility of this formal inspection of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill?

YES, THERE IS! Proctoring Solution.

Advanced proctoring solution providers like Examus put an instant and tough patch on these loopholes with their AI integrated proctoring solutions that not only bring about attention and engagement control but also stand out in facial recognition and emotion detection. Moreover, this sheer blend of user behavior analysis via AI algorithms requires no video streaming.

Examus helps universities monitor test-takers remotely during online exams by creating a more secure testing environment by deterring and preventing instances of academic dishonesty. Amidst all the uncertainty and disruptions, universities are obliged to stick to their fundamental values and ethical responsibilities, which give academics a sense of direction and credibility. With technology like Examus, it is a cakewalk.

Online exams are on boom now, given the sensitivity of the situation, which leaves no way of knowing whether students are maintaining the integrity of the test. This is where holistic proctoring solutions like Examus come into the picture, making the entire process not only automated but more efficient, standardized, and straightforward. This unique AI Proctoring solution integrated with Moodle, Open edX, Microsoft teams could be implemented to any custom testing platform or learning management system LMS.

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