Revas - Business Stimulation Games


Revas Business Simulations Games are tools designed to teach how to run a business and for the introduction to entrepreneurship classes. Within the simulation, the participants make real business decisions by managing their virtual companies, due to the possibility of experiencing the business. They can among others: create jobs, hire employees, set remunerations, buy equipment, invest in traditional and online advertising, and set prices.

The “Project Management” Revas Business Simulations Games are intended for project management teaching. Within the simulation, the participants become Project Managers and make realistic decisions related to running a project in a company.

We have prepared simulations related to various industries so that players can acquire knowledge and skills during virtual gameplay related to various industries.

In these decision games, participants of your course will set up and manage virtual companies. How does it work?

  • Divide your group into teams that will start separate virtual companies.
  • Teams run their companies making realistic business decisions.
  • Virtual companies compete for customers with businesses in one market.
  • Teams analyse market results, draw conclusions, solve business problems.


There is no single right answer, each game is a real entrepreneurship training for the players.