Turnkey Solutions

The creation of a K-12 school or an institution of higher learning is a complex project.

To plan, design and develop a K-12 school or a Higher Education institution involves working with multiple agencies – local education officers (EOs) & central education agencies, land surveyors, architects, civil engineers, real estate developers & contractors, fire & safety departments, state, or national affiliating Boards, teachers hiring , curriculum planners, technology & equipment suppliers, and others. The complex process needs experts to deliver each activity and ensure not just that the K-12 school or Higher education institution is able to catch the first academic session as planned but also to complete the projects within the planned and approved budgets.

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Leader Edutech has the expertise to provide turnkey solutions through its School-in-a-Box (SIAB) offering. SIAB is designed to develop your vision school where you control the process, but Leader Edutech is responsible for developing and launching the school.

Our School in a Box (SIAB) offerings covers the following solutions –

Classroom designs
School Labs set up
Library Solutions
Makerspace or Innovation centre
Academic solutions
Hardware and Softwares
Learning resources
(LMS, Textbooks, Digital solutions etc.)

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